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Rapitan sun reflector vintage 1950 pub


Sun reflector vintage 1950 advertising branded Rapitan mentioning "a fast aid to a natural sun tan" Bedford sales ltd, Montreal North, PQ.

Beautiful vintage publicity in orange, blue and white. Vintage drawings of a woman using a sun reflector on lounge chair at the beach and even during winter on a ski day!

Sizes / Weight

length: 25.00 po (63.5 cm)
Width: 0.15 po (0.38 cm)
Height: 14.00 po (35.56 cm)
Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

Actual / Possible colors

Fabrication, revalorisation, research delay

Delay of 35 to à 42 days for fabrication.

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Product specifications

Approximate year


Deco age style



Made in Quebec, Found in Québec


Unique reproductable furniture

IMP: This unique piece can be largely reproduced by hand by an artisan of DecoRustic , the original photo is only indicative. As we try to reproduce as faithfully as possible the piece, the wear and the amount of paint on each piece varies from furniture to another. This is exactly what makes each piece unique. For numbers lover, if we had to quantify the level of accuracy, we could say 75% :)