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Furniture on demand

Painted furniture and accessories, painted and / or custom worn

We offer a wide range of original and recovered pieces in Quebec that can be upgraded through dyeing, painting and / or particular wear.
Although each piece can be more than perfect in its original condition, it often happens that she needs to be improved, changed, transformed!
Décorustic therefore offers you to select from several previous designs or via the web in general, the style that suits you the most. This style can be applied to actual displayed furniture or accessory or we might find the perfect one for you.

Furniture and accessories from Décorustic craftsmen

Many pieces are made by local artisans that Décorustic offers via his website. In some cases, these parts can be processed or uprated with a choice of colors and wear variants.

Furniture and accessories 100% custom

You need a unique and very special piece of furniture that must have certain dimensions, colors or be achieved with a specific material? Give us as much detail, and if possible pictures, so we can give you a cost estimate related to your custom piece. Do not hesitate to contact us info@decorustic.com.