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Who is Decorustic?

Décorustic is born from the passion of a young couple amateur and craftsmen of rustic furniture and accessories. Our ambition was to offer a multitude of durable objects and affordable quality to anyone wishing to furnish or decorate its interior of exceptional pieces, made of materials and unusual textures, all made, restored and / or recovered in Quebec, Canada . This is why each piece has the words "made in Quebec", "found in Quebec" and / or "restored in Quebec", so you know precisely the source.

Having worked in the field of antiques for several years, Vincent and Cindy have specialized in decorative furniture and accessories rustic, industrial, rural and "shabby chic". These styles cover different periods of the history of Quebec from 1700 to today. Whether you love history or lovers of authentic and durable wood or other materials, if you want a nice piece to your liking, we will try to find you or create it for you!

A bit more about us

We are a couple since 2005 and are parents of 2 boys.

We are passionate about beautiful things. Whether through the breathtaking landscapes of our many trips or simply the experience or the originality of a piece of furniture, we find our inspiration in everything around us.

Our complicity makes us a great team, both during the development and creation of a new idea of ​​furniture as when a room decoration; each one weighs in the balance to make balanced and functional project.


The conductor who is able to imagine and design the most impressive parts of fittings as each other! A woman who performs any finishing delicately and carefully, and applies more than anyone in everything she does. Color ideas until the final touch, Cindy knows dosing each component so that it comes out simple works, effective and unique! Quietly thoughtful, she always refines the details; thanks to each of these small improvements that everything takes its form and its meaning.


Manual, creator and dreamer, that puts plans into action! Craftsman capable of creating a simple custom furniture from A to Z, following the advice of his better half. From the making of the built-wearing furniture, through pickling, dyeing and painting, Vincent likes working with his hands to arrive at a unique, functional and harmonious result!